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Metocard usage by date
Week Starting Total Full Fare 7 Day Unlimited 30 Day Unlimited Transit Check Metrocard Transit Check Metrocard Annual Mail and Ride Easy Pasy Unlimited Mail and Ride Easy Pasy Express Joint Railroad Ticket Railroad Unlimited No Trade Senior Citizen/Disabled 7 day ADA Farecard Access System Fair Fare Value Fair Fare 7 Day Fair Fare 30 Day 30 day ADA Farecard Access System Students Path 2 Trip AirTrain Full Fare AirTrain 30 Day Unlimited AirTrain 10 Trip AirTrain Monthly Reduced Fare 2 trip Lib Special Senior 1 Day Unlimited 14 Day Unlimited 7 Day Express Bus Pass 14 Day Reduced Fare Media CUNY 60 day CUNY 120 day Nassau Inter-County 2 Trip

Includes Subway, PATH, JFK AirTrain, and Roosevelt Island Tram. Does not incude buses

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